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Certain drugs are reviewed and recommended by the Drug Advisory Committee of Saskatchewan (DACS) for coverage under the Exception Drug Status (EDS) Program.

Certain drugs are reviewed and recommended by the DACS for coverage under the EDS Program. All recommendations must be approved by the Minister of Health. The drugs usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • The drug is ordinarily administered only to hospital in-patients but is being administered outside of a hospital because of unusual circumstances.
  • The drug is not ordinarily prescribed or administered in Saskatchewan, but is being prescribed because it is required in the diagnosis or treatment of an illness, disability, or condition rarely found in Saskatchewan.
  • The drug is infrequently used because Formulary products are usually effective, but are contraindicated or found to be ineffective due to the clinical condition of the patient.
  • The drug has been deleted from the Formulary but is required by patients previously stabilized on the drug.
  • The drug has potential for use in other than approved indications.
  • The drug has potential for the development of widespread inappropriate use.
  • The drug is more expensive than listed alternatives and offers an advantage in only a limited number of indications.

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