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MS Drugs Exception Drug Status Application, Government of Saskatchewan

  • Financial Assistance
  • Health and Wellness
  • Relevant Offices: Regina Office,
  • Address: 3475 Albert Street, 2nd Floor, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4S6X6
  • Approximately 2472 km away from your current location.
  • Contact Info: 1‑306‑787‑3420

Special coverage for MS drug products not covered by Saskatchewan Health Services.


  • Have clinical definite relapsing and remitting multiple sclerosis
  • Have had at least two attacks of MS during the previous two years (an attack is defined as the appearance of new signs/symptoms or worsening of old symptoms, lasting at least 24 hours in the absence of fever, preceded by stability for at least one month)
  • Are age 18 or older

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Fill out the application here

Disclaimer: The MS Society is an independent, voluntary health agency and does not approve, endorse or recommend any specific product or therapy but provides information to assist individuals in making their own decisions. For specific information and advice, please consult your personal physician. Read our full privacy policy.

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