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Programs and Services

Housing and Support for People with Intellectual Disabilities

  • Home Support and Accommodations

Community Living Service Delivery (CLSD) partners with community-based organizations (CBOs) and other service providers across the province to provide residential and day programs based on an individual's support need, including:

  • Group homes - homes which are staffed to provide personal care, supervision and support to usually three to six adults with intellectual disabilities. They are located in residential neighbourhoods throughout Saskatchewan.
  • Group living homes - individuals who share a group living home are responsible for paying their basic shelter costs. The Ministry of Social Services provides funds for the support staff that may be required.
  • Supportive living programs - provide adults living in their own apartments with the limited support and supervision they might need to live as independently as possible.
  • Approved Private-Service Homes - are licensed private homes that provide a family atmosphere for people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.

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