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Quality of Life Equipment Provision Program - AB & NWT Division

  • Assistive Devices & Medical Supplies
  • Financial Assistance

The Quality of Life Equipment Provision Program (EPP) continues to be available. To ensure your application is reviewed in a timely manner, please email or fax your paperwork to your local office, rather than mailing it (photos of paperwork are okay). Additionally, if you are unable to complete the application (e.g., you cannot print it), please contact your local office for options. Please click here to find the contact information for your local office.

Quality of Life Equipment Provision Program 

The MS Society of Canada (MS Society) offers Quality of Life (QoL) Grants to people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). These grants support the purchase of equipment and cooling products that improve MS symptoms and enhance quality of life. QoL Grants are considered last-resort funding, meaning that all other potential funding sources must be fully explored [i.e., Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL); Alberta financial assistance for seniors; Disability Related Employment Supports (DRES); Residential Access Modification Program (RAMP); etc.].


  • You have been diagnosed with MS or an allied disease and understand that a healthcare professional must confirm this in writing. 
  • You are a permanent resident of Alberta or the Northwest Territories or reside within the Lloydminster & District Chapter region.
  • You have NOT already purchased the equipment and are not going to do so before your application is reviewed. Grants are not retroactive and cannot be put towards equipment that has already been ordered or purchased.
  • You are ineligible for sufficient funding from the following funding sources and/or have contacted the MS Society if you are unsure (grants will not duplicate existing funding but can increase funding offered by other programs):
    • Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL)
    • Alberta financial assistance for seniors
    • Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) health and personal benefits
    • Disability Related Employment Supports (DRES)
    • Residential Accessibility Modification Program (RAMP)
    • Health care insurance, etc.


  • You may only submit one application per the calendar year, but it can contain requests for funding for multiple pieces of equipment.
  • Grants are only meant to fund specific items within the year that the grant is awarded; the MS Society is unable to provide ongoing financial assistance and may be unable to provide additional funding to maintain or repair the funded equipment.
  • Funding must be used within 3 months of approval or it will expire and you will need to reapply.
  • Equipment must be new unless certified by a licensed equipment vendor.
  • The maximum, annual amount of funding is $1,000 per applicant per the calendar year but you may request that the MS Society contribute more than $1,000 towards the purchase of your equipment by submitting your household’s income tax notices of assessment and demonstrating that you have extraordinary financial needs.
  • Applications that do not meet criteria and/or are incomplete will not be reviewed and will be returned to you.
  • The MS Society may request further documentation; the decision-making process includes, but is not limited to, the type of request, the submitted quotes, available resources, and financial need.
  • Funding is limited and applying does not guarantee that you will receive funding.
  • Once the MS Society has processed payment, your case will be closed and no returns, changes, or exchanges will be made.

Equipment Funded:

  • Bathing aids (e.g., bath lifts; bath chairs; bath benches)
  • Braces and supports (e.g., leg braces; orthopedics; orthotics; splints; Walk Aide systems)
  • Broda chairs
  • Computers with adaptations
  • Equipment repairs
  • Home accessibility modifications and equipment (e.g., ramps; porch and stairlifts; automatic door openers)
  • Hospital beds and hospital bed mattresses, including air mattresses for pressure sore relief
  • Kitchen aids (e.g., auto feeders; adapted utensils)
  • Lift chairs and systems (e.g., ceiling tracks)
  • Mobility aids (e.g., scooters; walkers; wheelchairs)
  • MS-related eyeglasses
  • MS-related specialized clothing (e.g., sheepskin products)
  • Toileting aids (e.g., commodes; raised toilet seats; toilet safety frames)
  • Transferring aids (e.g., belts; boards; grab bars; poles)
  • Vehicle modifications (e.g., lifts; hand controls; left foot accelerators)

Funding for other types of equipment is considered in terms of the equipment’s direct, positive impact on the applicant’s quality of life and MS symptoms. If you are unsure if the MS Society provides funding for the equipment that you need, contact the MS Society before applying.

Items that are not eligible for funding include, but are not limited to, recurring bills (e.g., healthcare insurance premiums), medications, other treatments and therapies, incontinence supplies, food supplements, and licensed vehicles.

Application Review Process:

  • A volunteer committee of peers (the Quality of Life EPP Volunteer Adjudication Committee) reviews all complete applications.
  • Pending unforeseen circumstances, the Committee will write to you within 3-4 weeks of receiving your fully completed application to let you know if your request has been approved.
  • Although all attempts are made to provide funding for the applicant’s first choice of equipment and use their preferred vendor, it may be necessary to substitute equipment and/or vendor based on, but not limited to, equipment availability and cost.

If you have questions about the application process, please contact the Alberta & Northwest Territories Division at info.alberta@mssociety.ca or 1-800-268-7582.

To download the 2020 Quality of Life Equipment Grants Application, please click here.

To find more information of the 2020 Quality of Life Equipment Provision Program - Cooling Products, please click here

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