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Organized in 1986 under the direction of neurologists interested in the clinical care of multiple sclerosis, the Consortium of MS Centres (CMSC) has grown to become a multi-disciplinary organization providing a team approach to MS care and a network for all health care professionals and others specializing in the care of persons with MS. Currently there are over 200 member centers in the United States, Canada, and Europe, representing over 10,000 health care professionals worldwide who provide care for more than 200,000 individuals with multiple sclerosis.

CMSC provides leadership in clinical research and education; develops vehicles to share information and knowledge among members; disseminates information to the health care community and to persons affected by multiple sclerosis; and develops and implements mechanisms to influence health care delivery.

  • CMSC-NARCOMS maintains a patient registry, website, expert forum and research registry to promote multiple sclerosis research.
  • Provides an online journal, the International Journal of Multiple Sclerosis Care (IJMSC) to promote multi-disciplinary approaches to treating persons with multiple sclerosis

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