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The Family Caregiver Wellness Workshops

  • Caregivers and Families

NorQuest College offers Family Caregiver Wellness workshops that provide caregivers with knowledge and expertise to transition into a new role and equip caregivers with technologies to look after loved ones while they are living at home.

Courses Available are:

Mealtime and Medication Assistance

  • Learn safe feeding and medication administration, including techniques for food consistency, difficulties swallowing, prevention of choking, and understanding the basics of safe medication administration

Assisting with Personal and Intimate Care

  • Learn techniques in providing personal care for oral health, bathing, dressing, and incontinence

Assisting with Mobility-Safe Practices

  • Learn safe body mechanic techniques for assisting with movement in the home environment

Each course is 2 hours with a registration fee of $35 (+GST) per workshop.

For more information: 

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