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Equipment and Funding

Assistive devices can enable persons with MS and their families to maintain a realistic degree of independence and control over their lives, while enhancing their physical well-being. The purpose of this program is to assist with purchases of equipment.

The Society's funding is meant to supplement existing government programs and other available private funding, including the resources of the client and family. In this way, the Society funding can be used to meet the needs of as many people with MS as possible.

The Society must be contacted prior to the purchase of such equipment or services. An application form must be completed by the client and their health care professional, including an assessment performed by a qualified health care professional. To allot funds, the Society must assess the client's eligibility. Often, the Society supports cost sharing if the client/family can afford a portion of the cost. In order to process a funding request, we require the following:

  • Completion of all sections of the application (see below) including the signature of the client or applicant.
  • A written assessment by an appropriate Health Care Professional indicating the need for the required equipment. A qualified health care professional may include: CCAC Case Manager, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Family Physician or Neurologist.
  • Section B. Confirmed diagnosis of MS.
  • Signed release of information. Section E.

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