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Individual Advocacy

Individual advocacy involves working with and/or on behalf of people with multiple sclerosis or their care partners in the community to help them obtain needed services and maximize their quality of life. Individual advocacy may entail the following:

  • Helping individuals with multiple sclerosis obtain needed services.
  • Helping individuals with information related to current MS therapies.

It is equally important to encourage people with MS to speak for themselves to obtain the rights they deserve. We have available a number of resources which assist individuals to advocate for themselves:

Government Relations and Advocacy

When there is a common issue among many individuals affected by multiple sclerosis this becomes a greater social need that requires legislative or policy change. The government relations team at the MS Society work with and on behalf of people with MS to help strengthen and build policies that work for people living with MS.

Download a free government relations handbook as well as find more information on government relations and social action.

  • For more information on the MS Society’s advocacy priority issues please visit current issues
  • To learn how you can take action, visit take action

As individuals and advocates, Programs & Services volunteers and staff can assist people with multiple sclerosis bring positive changes to their lives.

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