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Hoping for the Future, Coping with the Present is an information program whose purpose is to provide people who have been recently diagnosed with MS (within three years) and their significant others with information to help them cope better with the disease. The Journey to Wellness and the Workshop are also noteworthy programs for people who have MS.

Coping With the Present, Hoping for the Future

Information sessions will be held on an occasional basis with a nurse specializing in multiple sclerosis. The meetings will explain what multiple sclerosis is and the various treatments available. These sessions will be held in downtown Montreal during the week in evening.

To find out the dates and register, please contact us at 514-849-7591.

A Journey to Wellness

The Journey to Wellness Program is for people who have had MS for a few years and who want to improve their quality of life. It is based on six aspects of health: physical, emotional, intellectual, professional, spiritual and social.

There will be nine meetings of two hours each with one meeting per week in the early evening.

  • 1st meeting: The first meeting is intended to break the ice, define well-being and allow participants to get acquainted in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
  • 2nd meeting: The process of exploring and adopting a lifestyle that promotes well-being. What are the choices?
  • 3rd meeting: Food and exercise.
  • 4th meeting: Ways of becoming an enlightened consumer of health care by taking an active role in your health in order to manage the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.
  • 5th meeting: intellectual stimulation and cognitive problems.
  • 6th meeting: Exploration of feelings related to having a chronic illness.
  • 7th meeting: Employment issues along with substitutes such as volunteer work and recreational activities.
  • 8th meeting: Spiritual health.
  • 9th meeting: How to establish and maintain healthy relationships with others.

A minimum number of registrations are required. We will prepare the schedule as soon as there are enough participants.

For more information or to register, please contact us 514-849-7591.

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