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This section contains all the information you need to attend our recreational and social activities. Whether you sign up for our restaurant or buffet get-togethers, trips and special celebrations, choir or game days, you will find many entertaining activities to have fun and break out of your isolation.

Rules concernaing guests

Each participant can invite one friend or family member to the activities mentioned in this column. The cost for guests is the same as for other participants.

Each additional guest must pay the regular price for the meal at the Restaurant Get-Togethers and $15/person for the Buffet Get-Togethers.

The Montreal Chapter reserves the right to restrict the number of guests because some activities have a limited amount of space.

Buffet Get-Together and Restaurant Get-Together

  • When? Wednesday from noon to 2 p.m.
  • Where? A different restaurant every week. The restaurants are located in Montreal and are wheelchair-accessible (check the times in the Liaison Bulletin).
  • How much?
  • Buffet Get-Together, $5.
  • Restaurant Get-Together, $5 off the total of your bill (taxes included),

What? This activity has been set up to enable people who live with multiple sclerosis to socialize with each other and enjoy themselves. Every week, 30 to 40 people meet at a wheelchair-accessible restaurant in Montreal. You can bring a friend or family member. Volunteers are on site to assist you. Group transportation is organized for regular participants.

The two types of meeting are held in alternating weeks: buffet get-together is at a buffet and restaurant get-together at a restaurant with table service and a dessert menu.

To participate, contact Patricia Rizan at 514-849-7591, extension 2249.

Game Day!

Game Day is a new activity facilitated by a member from the English support group for people living with MS in N.D.G. It takes place, every second Tuesday, from 2 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.

It’s an afternoon of playing games or just simply talking! It’s a good way to meet new people while forgetting about the challenges we face every day.

We can forget our difficulties as we play games. These activities help with memory, concentration and focus. Another name for this activity is “MS FREE ZONE DAY.” Our goal is to simply have fun on a lazy afternoon and forget our health problems momentarily as we play. Call us to reserve your place and a game of your choice for that day or simply choose a game when you arrive. It’s a great afternoon of fun!

For more info or to register, please contact Maria Cannata by phone at 514-774-6033 or by email at

Outings and Parties

  • Outing
  • Annual barbecue, outings to parks on the Island of Montreal (summer and fall), visit to the Montreal Botanical Garden
  • Parties
  • Sugar shack (early April), Halloween party, Christmas party

To participate, conatct Patricia Rizan at 514-849-7591, extension 2249.

Choir Workshop

  • When? Fridays from 1 to 3:30 p.m. (registration required)
  • Where? Association Sportive et Communautaire du Centre-Sud, 2093 de la Visitation

Open to everyone, no need to sing on key. This workshop is held in a joyful, relaxed atmosphere. Vocal exercises, learning and rehearsing songs. Christmas and year-end recitals. The choir director is a professional singer who will show you how to exercise and position your voice.

Singing in a choir gets people involved in a group where the common interest is music. This activity also helps to develop and maintain several physical and cognitive capabilities. Regular singing practice improves pronunciation, breathing capacity, energy level and, of course, develops an accurate, wider register. This workshop exercises the memory, attention and concentration.

To participate, contact Patricia Rizan at 514-849-7591, extension 2249.

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