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Physical activities - Montreal

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At the School of Movement and adapted yoga classes, you can exercise in a safe setting according to your abilities. There are also a number of other affordable community resources that offer adapted physical activities.

All the courses require a registration. Please note that some course have a waiting list. For additionnal information or to register, contact Robert Morin at 514- 849-7591.

Yoga (bilingual)

This course enables people with MS to improve their quality of life and maintain their autonomy through a program of adapted yoga exercises and encourage a more active lifestyle.

Course description and rules

The School of Movement – East (In French) Standing position (Exercises are done standing up for most of the session)

Workshop where participants learn about their bodies so that body awareness is restructured and enhanced. Participants do exercises at their own pace and according to their abilities.

Activities :

Warm-up and activation period where participants prepare to exercise Stretching and muscle strengthening period for lower limbs Guided relaxation period.

The School of Movement – East (In French) Seated position

Workshop where participants learn about their bodies so that body awareness is restructured and enhanced. Participants do the exercises at their own pace and according to their abilities.


Warm-up and activation period where the participants prepare to exercise Stretching period for lower limbs Guided relaxation period Course description and rules

Ressources in the Community

Viomax – Live to the max without obstacles

2275 Laurier Avenue East, Montreal
514-527-4527, ext. 2329

The Viomax centre is a not-for-profit organization that offers a wide variety of activity programs for persons with physical disabilities. There is a fitness room that is entirely accessible for anyone in a wheelchair or with reduced mobility. The organization stands out because of its staff’s expertise, its program tailored to the particular needs of its clients, and its Equipment which enhances the benefits of physical activity.

Activities take place on three levels, in the fitness room, the swimming pool or the gymnasium, and are designed for children, teenagers and adults. Viomax employees are all kinesiologists or physical education instructors.They are assisted by companions and volunteers whose priority is the well-being of members.

Anyone who would like to become a member of ViomaxPlus must ask their attending physician to complete the Viomax medical form.This form is available at the organizations’ office or on its website at viomax.org. The annual membership card costs $40 and is mandatory. You have to add the cost of the activities chosen. For example, a membership for the fitness room costs $75 for Viomax Plus members. Some of the other activities that are available are adapted Aquafit, wheelchair volleyball, adapted dance and wheelchair ultimate Frisbee. For more information about registration conditions and for a list of activities that are being offered by session, consult the Viomax flyer on their website, or call 514-527-4527, ext. 2329.

Association sportive et communautaire du Centre-Sud (ASCCS)

2093, De la Visitation Street

The Association sportive et communautaire du Centre-Sud (the Sports and Community Association of Centre South) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life of local residents by providing them with various practical and affordable facilities and activities adapted to their needs. The ASCCS is a welcoming meeting place for young people, adults, families and seniors that offers a wide selection of sports, recreational, cultural, educational and environmental activities.

People with special needs will not feel left out because there is a program adapted to their needs. The ASCCS provides myriad activities, such as courses in the pool (aqua fit) and various fitness courses in the gym including soft and holistic gymnastics, weight training and much more.

Registration fees to receive these services are only $15 a year for persons with disabilities. However, you must present a medical certificate from your doctor, which includes your diagnosis and your limitations to be eligible to pay this low rate. In this way, you can participate in many available at the centre, at no additional cost.

The centre is wheelchair accessible for persons with a mobility impairment and it is served by adapted transportation. Please note that Montréal residents can also participate in the centre’s activities. For more information, visit the website at asccs.qc.ca, or call 514‑522‑2246.

Bouger et Vivre

Clinique médicale Physergo du Sud-Ouest
5260, De Verdun Street
Tel.: 514-766-1696

Bouger et Vivre (move and live) is a personalized physical fitness program provided in an adapted fitness centre. It was designed in partnership between Monique Trudel, who has multiple sclerosis, and the Clinique Médicale Physergo du Sud-Ouest, a non‑profit organization specializing in physical rehabilitation.

The adapted fitness studio has been adapted to meet the needs of people with a mobility limitation or physical disability and seniors to maintain and improve their physical fitness. Our objective is to enable people who have specific needs to train within a safe, adapted setting. A variety of activities are offered such as the integrated dynamic balance program (P.I.E.D.), Zumba chair aérobics based on Latin dances and, of course, personalized physical fitness programs.

A membership card costs $40 (valid for one year) and is mandatory in order to have access to the gym. For persons with a physical disability stemming from a motor impairment or neurological disorder, fees are $75 for 6 months or $140 for 12 months. Please note that you must ask your doctor to fill in a medical form authorizing physical activities. This form is available at the following address: physergo.com/couts-et-inscription. After you return your medical form, your specific needs will be assessed and a personalized program will be developed so you can train safely.

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