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Dartmouth Peer Support

When: 3rd Friday of each month

Location: 58 Tacoma Drive - NSHA Community Room

Time: afternoon

Contact: Donalda @ / (902) 876-1072

Dartmouth Social Group

"Dartmouth Breakfast Club"

When: the last Tuesday of each month

Location: Steak and Stein, 620 Portland Street, Dartmouth

Time: morning

Contact: Mary Beth @ / 902-444-1899

Halifax Self Help Group

"Hopeful Solutions"

When: the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month

Location: Saint Vincent's Nursing Home, 2080 Windsor Street, Halifax

Time: evening

Contact: Theresa @ / Ph. 902-883-3749 / cell/text 902-478-0480

MS Telephone Support Volunteers

If you would like to speak with someone, but are not able to attend meetings, there are people whom you can call. Anyone with MS (relapsing remitting, primary progressive, secondary progressive), or anyone awaiting a diagnosis, can call the volunteers listed below for a listening ear and support. Family and friends who are looking for someone with whom to speak are invited to call Bill, our caregiver support person. Here are the people for your telephone connections.

Caregiver Support Contact: Bill @ 902-223-8044 or 902-463-2934

Group Leaders: Theresa @ 902 883-3749; Mary Beth @ 902-444-1899; Donalda @ 902-876-1072

Nationwide 1:1 Peer Support Program: 1-888-859-6789

Caregivers Nova Scotia 

This link provides various support groups throughout the city. Caregiver’s Nova Scotia encourages individuals to contact them first so they can offer some assistance prior to the meetings.


Contact: 902-421-7390 or

* Some groups may have certain months away, or monthly changes in the schedule. Call the contact person for the meeting in which you are interested, to ensure the group is meeting on scheduled time, or to inquire about more information on the group.

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