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Transportation in the Fraser Valley

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Fixed-route Bus Service

The Fixed-route Bus Service provides low-floor or ramp-equipped buses for wheelchair and scooter access.

Agassiz – Harrison

Regular bus service are wheelchair accessible with either low-floor buses or lift-equipped buses. There is not frequent service, so if a bus runs once per hour and the accessible spot is full, the person waiting for a ride would have to wait for next bus to come an hour later and see if the accessible spot is available.

Bus service runs from 6:30am-8:00am to approximately 9:00pm-10:30pm in this zone.

When busing between Chilliwack and Agassiz-Harrison you will want to avoid travelling between the hours of 7:25-8:00am and 2:15-3:15pm due to school students utilizing the service. There is limited space and someone may be left behind to wait 1-2 hours for the next bus.

Agassiz-Harrison – bus fare is $2.00 for adult and $1.75 for seniors/children

Phone: 604-795-3838 for schedule and route information.


Bus service is available from Chilliwack to Abbotsford: Route 66-Fraser Valley Express - Stops between Downtown Exchange Bay B (Chilliwack) to McCallum Park in Ride (Abbotsford)

Bus Service cost is $5.00 one way fare

Within Chilliwack 1-way transit costs $2.00 (adult); $1.75 (youth/seniors)

Phone: 604-795-3838 for schedule and route information.

Abbotsford - Mission

Regular buses are wheelchair accessible with 2 spots available on a 1st come, 1st served basis. Bus service runs from 5:30am to approximately 10:00-11:00pm between Abbotsford and Mission.

Bus service cost is $2.25 (adult); $1.75 (youth/seniors).

Phone: BC Transit at 604-854-3232 for schedule and route information.

Abbotsford - Aldergrove

There is service between at Bourquin Exchange at Sevenoaks Mall and 272 Street and Fraser Highway. There is also TransLink’s connection point between Aldergrove and Langley. Translink service bus 503 from 272 St and Fraser Highway to Fraser Highway and 240 St

Bus service cost is $2.00 for adults and $1.75 for seniors/children

For more information if you need to travel further on TransLink, phone: 604-953-3333 or visit their website.

Future transit plans include transportation options between Fraser Valley communities including out to Hope, as well as increased connections to the Lower Mainland system.


HandyDART is for persons unable to use regular bus service without assistance. It is provided to/from accessible building entrances. Registration is required before you can use this service.

Contact your local office and request a HandyPass application form. Registration is free, however using the service involves a cost each time it’s accessed. HandyPASS eligibility is based on what type of disability you have and how it prevents you from using conventional public transit. To use HandyDART, you must register with ALL HandyDART communities you wish to access. It is NOT possible to transfer same day at 10am from Aldergrove to UBC or Burnaby MS Clinics and return for 1pm departure to Abbotsford. It would be possible if you stayed overnight in a hotel (at extra cost to you). HandyDART was designed to get around in town. Travel between cities can be difficult, though access between Abbotsford and Mission is easy. Service is also available from Mission to Maple Ridge and from Abbotsford to Aldergrove there are 2 transfers per day, ending at the Safeway at 272 Street and Fraser Hwy in Aldergrove at 10:00am and 1:00pm.

HandyDART Public Transit Service operates on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. The service provides a small accessible bus between Agassiz-Harrison and Chilliwack. There is no service in Kent.

Click here to download an application form. Please complete the form and mail it to nearest handyDART office:


1225 Riverside Road, Abbotsford, BC V2T

Phone: 604-855-0080 Mon & Fri, 7:30am - 5:00pm


44275 Yale Rd West, Chilliwack

Phone: 604-795-5121


Aldergrove HandyDART – Phone 604-953-3680 or visit their website.

Taxi Saver Program

Taxi Saver is for when HandyDART is unavailable. It provides registered HandyDART passengers with subsidized taxi service, giving them flexibility to coordinate their own trips.

Taxi Saver provides a 50% subsidy towards the cost of taxi rides. Eligible individuals can purchase an $80 package of Taxi Saver coupons at a cost of $40. These are available once every month. The coupons come in denominations of $1, $2 and $5. You use coupons to pay the dollar meter rate of taxi fare. For example, if a taxi fare is $5.80, passenger pays $5.00 in coupons and $0.80 in change. Taxi drivers do NOT give change on Taxi Saver coupons.

You need a HandyCard to buy and use Taxi Saver coupons. Click here to download an application form.

Once you’ve received your HandyCard, you can purchase Taxi Saver coupons at the local HandyDART transit office. The following companies participate in the Taxi Saver Program:

Chilliwack: Cheam Taxi 604-793-4444 and Chilliwack Taxi 604-795-9111

Agassiz/Harrison/Kent: use the same as Chilliwack

Abbotsford/Mission: Central Valley Taxi 604 859 1111 and Abbotsford/Mission Taxi: 604 855 1111

*Please tell the dispatcher it's a Taxi Saver trip and that you require an accessible vehicle.

For more information:

Greyhound Accessible Transportation

This service should be booked a minimum of 2 days in advance of travel. Transportation is only available between Greyhound Bus Station Main Service points. To get from Greyhound bus station to UBC or Burnaby MS Clinics requires other arrangements to be made such as with HandyDART service in the city you’re accessing or via accessible taxi.

Call toll free at 1-800-752-4841 for Accessibility center and 1-800-661-8747 for fares and schedules

Fares from Abbotsford to Chilliwack range from $9.50-13.00

Fares from Chilliwack to Vancouver range from $12.80-28.00

Fares from Chilliwack to Hope range from $14.50-20.99


Volunteer Community Driver Service

Each community offers a Volunteer Community Driver's Service, however this is NOT for people who need specialized transportation or wheelchair access vehicles. Individuals accessing the community driver's programs must be able to transfer in and out of a car without assistance. All services charge a small fee based on distance and parking costs (i.e. $0.50-$0.55/km). Some allow a sliding scale with less charged based on financial need. Application forms need to be completed at your local Community Services Office.

Chilliwack- or Phone 604-393-3251 ext. 237

Abbotsford- 604-866-5147

Mission- 604-826-3634

Agassiz- Community Drivers Program is no longer running as of June 20th. DRIVE4U is now being put on through Agassiz-Harrison Community Services to fill the gap, they are still looking for volunteer drivers. Phone 604-796-2585

Care Transit

Care Transit (run through Hope Community Services) provides a wheelchair accessible bus that can accommodate 2 wheelchairs. This transportation service is for individuals with no other means of transporting themselves to whole health related appointments. Individuals requiring transportation locally or throughout the lower mainland must be referred by an agency, doctor, family member, friend or school principal to access the services. If self-referred, an interview is required to ensure eligibility. Fill out the Client Referall Form here.

Phone: 604-869-3396


Appointments must be made minimum of 48 hrs in advance of requested ride date

Cost: By donation. Drivers do not accept payments. Individuals are sent billing statements at month-end showing cost of ride and asked for donation to help cover cost.

Parking Permits for Persons with Disabilities

Social Planning and Research Council (SPARC) of BC provides parking permits for persons with disabilities in many regions of BC. If you have mobility limitations and wish to apply for a parking permit, Parking Application- or request one be mailed to you. Complete the form with both your signature and your doctor’s. You will also need to have your physician complete Section 2 of the application. Send in your completed application along with a cheque, money order, or credit card number to the Social Planning and Research Council (SPARC) of BC:

Email: via

Phone: 604-718-7744

Or by mail: 4445 Norfolk Street, Burnaby, BC, V5G 0A7

Applications will be processed within 2 to 3 weeks. Applications must be renewed every 3 years.

Driving Miss Daisy

Rates depend on where you are going, how long the appointment is and whether the driver accompanies you or just drops you off and later picks you up. Cost within Chilliwack is $25/hour. Cost to go to Abbotsford is $50 one way. Rates include HST and parking fees. There are no extra mileage costs

For more information go to

Website- or local office

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