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Programs and Services - Durham Northumberland

  • Financial Assistance
  • Assistive Devices & Medical Supplies

The Durham Northumberland Chapter of the MS Society of Canada offers services to those living with multiple sclerosis to help them work towards achieving and maintaining an independent lifestyle. The chapter offers the following services:

  • identifying needs for referral to appropriate community agencies
  • liason with other health care professionals
  • support for and referrals to self-help support groups
  • arranges for permanent loan of equipment if in stock and recommended by a health care professional

Quality of Life Grants

The MS Society offers individuals living with MS a wide variety of programs that promote personal independence and contribute to an enhanced quality of life. The Quality of Life Grants are designed to provide financial assistance to those requiring support with the loan/purchase of mobility equipment and safety devices.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A written confirmation of diagnosis of MS from a medical doctor
  • Residence within the regional/chapter catchment area
  • Health care professional assessment of need
  • Completed application form
  • Funding availability

Please be aware that the MS Society very rarely provides grants "after the fact" for equipment. The amount of grants available through our Quality of Life Grant Program are based on individual need and the budget available. Once the fully completed application is received, it will be processed for consideration of a grant. The applicant and health care professional will be notified of the decision reached.

Not funded: home renovations, exercise equipment, TENS units, therapy, drugs, food supplements. NOTE: Grants for central air conditioning are approved only once in a lifetime.

Quality of Life Grant Guidelines

Quality of Life Grant Application

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