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Ontario Advocacy Campaign - Fall 2016

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People affected by MS need real action for better lives.
Ask the Ontario government to support critical MS services!

Ontarians with multiple sclerosis struggle to manage their health and survive financially in the face of an unpredictable and demanding illness. As the Ontario government makes plans for the next provincial budget, we need to press for commitments to services that are vital to people affected by MS.

Support real action for better lives. Send a message to your MPP now!

We are asking the Ontario government to:

  1. Provide better job and income support

    Ontarians with MS who are employed need support to stay in the workforce, and those who are unable to work need improved income support to reduce the hardships they experience. We recommend that Government takes action to provide supports for job retention and increase access and benefits for people with disabilities who are unable to maintain employment.
    • Stop cuts to employment and income support programs that already exist
    • Develop innovative services that help people with MS and other episodic disabilities keep their jobs through federal-provincial Labour Market Agreements. e.g. early on-the-job support and encouraging employers to make needed workplace accommodations.
  2. Increase services and supports for caregivers

    Caregivers are essential to the current healthcare system and need to be recognized and rewarded. We recommend that the government:
    • Introduce a refundable caregiver tax credit to help low to mid-income families.
    • Pass Bill 138, Family Caregiver Day Act to express appreciation for our caregivers
    • Extend job protection in Ontario so that it coincides with Federal Compassionate Care Benefits (8 weeks to 26 weeks)
  3. Improve support for independent living

    People living with MS often require specialized therapy, devices, and caregiver support to cope with serious challenges and limitations. These services and devices are vitally important, but very expensive for people living with MS. Many people with MS in Ontario are not eligible for provincially-funded home care, physiotherapy, device assistance, and other support programs.
    • Ontario should open up its support programs to people with MS and other disabilities to help them stay in their homes and live independently.
    • The existing funding programs for physiotherapy for seniors should be extended to include people living with disabilities, regardless of age or employment status.
  4. Ensure Ontario is an Accessible Province

    In order for Ontario to be fully accessible by the year 2025, we need to move quicker on ensuring our organizations, businesses, and communities are removing barriers to make it easier for people with disabilities to participate in society. The province has made a commitment in The Path to 2025: Ontario’s Accessibility Action Plan, to reach higher, to go beyond the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and its standards. We need to integrate accessibility into everything we do, until it becomes second nature. In order to ensure Ontario is fully accessible by 2025, we need to do more.
    • The new Customer Service Standard does not provide critical guidance from consumers on what they would find beneficial at low or no cost to the organization.
    • There is a need for low or no cost changes that make a significant difference such as:
      • providing washroom signs in braille so persons who are blind know which gender specific washroom to use.
      • designating an employee within an organization's existing staff to ensure accessible customer service and ensure that complaints appropriately resolved
      • posting signage about scent-free policies as an important step to public education about the effect of fragrances or scents on persons with multiple chemical and environmental sensitivities
    • These are just a few of the components of what a meaningful accessibility standard for persons with disabilities should include

People living with MS need real action for better lives.
Send a message to your MPP now!

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