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The following organizations offer adapted programming and/or specialized programs for persons living with MS. Please contact one of the providers listed below for program details.Please note: Dates and times are subject to change.

If you are a person living with MS, we would like to hear from you about your community recreation and wellness experiences whether through one of the organizations below or a self-identified program. Your thoughts and experiences are important in helping us strengthen community opportunities and identifying new potential programs. Please contact us at 780-871-0513 or email to share your experiences.

If you are a recreation provider who would like to request to add a program or who would like more information about running a program for people with MS, please contact the Lloydminster Chapter at or at 780-871-0513.


Adapted Yoga - Through gentle stretching exercises, Adapted Yoga promotes increased mobility, muscle strength and tone, range of motion and relaxation. Certified Yoga Instructor Dale Foss, owner of Serenity Yoga, works closely with each participant, catering movements to individual ability level.

Location: Serenity Yoga - South 1804-50th Ave, Lloydminster

Contact: 780-871-0513

Reiki - In Reiki, healing takes place on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. The practitioner focuses on the recipient's chakra systems. Sometimes, imbalances are due to physical ailments. Other times, they may be related to some sort of emotional or spiritual issue that the person hasn’t resolved yet, such as relationship issues, problems at work, etc. By transferring Reiki energy into the recipient, the practitioner may help the individual work through issues at hand. Reiki practitioners may practice techniques to clear the chakras - making use of hand placements around the body. Nearly all the treatments are performed without any physical touching. Making use of their body as a conduit, the energy healer will send positive energy inside and take the negative energy out. Reiki is known to also be beneficial to those dealing with chronic pain.

Location: Community Services Centre - Workshop Room

Contact: 780-871-0513

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