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Ontario Advocacy Campaign - Spring 2018

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People affected by MS need real action for better lives.

Ontario Election 2018 - Ask your candidates to support critical MS services!

Ontarians with multiple sclerosis struggle to manage their health and survive financially in the face of an unpredictable and demanding illness. We want to elect a government that will be committed to programs and services that are vital to people affected by MS. Nearly 40,000 Ontarians are affected by multiple sclerosis, a chronic neurological disease that attacks the central nervous system. Thousands of family members and friends are also affected.

Support real action for better lives. Send a message to your candidates now!

We are urging candidates to consider the following issues:
  1. Support for Caregivers: Along with introducing financial benefits, continued investment should be made into respite, training, and education programs for caregivers in local communities.
  2. Job and Income Support: Ontarians with MS who are employed need support to stay in the workforce, and those who are unable to work need improved income support to reduce the hardships they experience and participate in their communities.
  3. Independent Living Support: Ontarians with MS face limitations that require practical supports including equipment, medical supplies, home support, and rehabilitation services. We recommend that Government take a proactive approach to supporting people with disabilities and help reduce costs that are incurred due to their illnesses. We are strongly advocating for more investment into the Assistive Devices Program and the Direct Funding Program to help people stay independent.
  4. Accessibility: In order for Ontario to be fully accessible by the year 2025, we need to move quicker on ensuring our organizations, businesses, and communities are removing barriers to make it easier for people with disabilities to participate in society. We are also concerned about access to information, benefits and services.

People living with MS need real action for better lives. Send a message to your MPP now!

People living with MS need real action for better lives. Send a message to your MPP now!

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