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Disability Related Employment Supports (DRES)

  • Employment
  • Financial Assistance

DRES funding is available to pay for supports that help Albertans overcome barriers to education or employment caused by a disability.

DRES is offered in three categories:

Job Search Supports

Job search supports assist Albertans with disabilities aged 16 and older seek employment. The supports may include a sign language interpreter so that an individual with a hearing impairment can attend a job interview.

Workplace Supports

Workplace supports assist Albertans with disabilities aged 16 and older make a successful transition into the workplace, maintain employment, and enable their full participation in the workforce. The supports may include a job coach, worksite modification or assistive technology.

Educational Supports

Education supports assist learners with disabilities who are out of the kindergarten to grade 12 school system, prepare for employment through post-secondary education, basic skill training, academic upgrading or labour market programs. The supports may include sign language interpreters, tutors, note takers, and assistive technology such as software programs specific to the disability.

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