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Living Independently for Equality

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Living Independently for Equality offers a number of programs and services, including:

Personal Care

  • Provides a residence for three individuals to share (usually twenty-four hour support.)
  • Includes bathing assistance, toileting, transfer and positioning assistance, hair and mouth care, skin care (i.e. application of non-prescription products) bed making, dressing, assistance with light meals (i.e. setup, swallowing supervision, cleanup).
  • Provides/encourages individuals to participate in personal care routines.
  • Areas of support are assessed according to individual needs.


  • Related directly to nutrition (kitchen), hygiene (bathroom) and safety (tidying clutter in traffic areas).
  • Where meal services are not available, services may include food preparation, cooking/batch freezing, reheating and serving.

Respite Care

  • Provides supervision to an individual who is at risk when alone (when the formal caregiver is required to be away from the home).
  • Respite care may be provided in the individual's residence or outside of the individual's residence.

Companion Sitting

  • Provides supervision to an individual and does not include hands-on personal care.

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