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Low Income Seniors' Benefit, Government of New Brunswick

  • Financial Assistance

To assist low-income seniors in New Brunswick, the government offers an annual benefit to qualifying applicants.

To qualify for the $400 annual benefit applicants must have been a resident of New Brunswick on Dec. 31st of the preceding year and a recipient of a benefit under the Old Age Security Act (Canada), notably:

  • The Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) (must be 65 years or older), or
  • the Federal Allowance for the Survivor (must be between 60-64 years old) or
  • the Federal Allowance (must be between 60-64 years old)

Important: Persons in receipt of a Federal Allowance who are under the age of 60 do not qualify for this benefit.

Where both spouses receive the GIS and reside in the same household, only one $400.00 benefit will be granted. However, where spouses live separately (for example, one residing in a nursing home), both will be eligible for the benefit.

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