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Home and Community Care

  • Home Support and Accommodations

In BC, care and support are available from publicly subsidized and private pay providers. Home and community care services give seniors and people with disabilities the option to live independently at home. They also provide appropriate options for those whose needs would be better met in an alternate setting such as assisted living, residential care or a hospice.

End of Life Care Services: Types of Publicly Subsidized Care:

  1. Living Independently
  1. Home Support - assistance with daily personal activities.
  2. Choice in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL) - an alternative for eligible clients who are given funds for home support services so that they can recruit, hire, train, and manage their own home support workers.
  3. Community Rehabilitation - assistance from a licensed physical therapist or occupational therapist to clients in need of support.
  4. Adult Day Services - for seniors and adults with disabilities to provide supportive programs and activities including personal care and recreation
  5. Caregiver Relief/Respite - providing non-professional caregivers with temporary relief from the emotional and physical demands of caring.
  6. Community Nursing - services provided by a licensed nursing professional to clients in the community including assessment and nursing interventions.
  1. Alternative Services to Living Independently
  1. Assisted Living - an option for those who need more help to live independently, but do not require 24 hour professional care.
  2. Residential Care - designed for people who do require 24-hour professional care to meet complex health needs (long and short-term options).
  3. Palliative & Hospice Care - provides support and compassion to those near the end of life and their families by improving comfort and quality of life.
  4. Group Homes - services are provided in a non-licensed congregate housing arrangement designed to maximize independence where clients with disabilities or other conditions share personal care resources.
  5. Family Care Homes - services are provided in a single family residence that accommodates clients with specialized care needs that cannot be optimally met in a residential care facility.

Government of British Columbia

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