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Accessible Cruise Ships

  • Travel and Transportation

Many Cruise Lines have accommodations and services to ensure that their cruises are accessible for people of all abilities. Such amenities can include:

  • Wheelchair accessible cabins and access-friendly design on the ship
  • Braille elevator call buttons and audible arrival sounds
  • Infrared listening assistance systems in theatres
  • Devices such as telephone amplifiers, visual smoke detectors, door knock sensors, text telephones, and other aids
  • In-cabin movies feature closed captioning
  • Ship libraries feature books on tape
  • Service animals are welcome onboard
  • Gangway mechanisms that simplify embark- and dismemberment

It is important to consult a travel agent with experience in the area, informing them of your limitations and requirements for special equipment.

Consult the cruise line you wish to utilize in order to find information specific to that company. It is suggested that you ask about going offshore at the ports of call.

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