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BC Hydro Energy Saving

  • Financial Assistance

Eligible low-income customers of BC Hydro or Fortis BC who are renters or owners of homes, town-homes, duplexes, or mobile homes may be able to save energy and associated expenses. There are two programs available:

1. Energy Conservation Assistance Program from BC Hydro (ECAP)

The ECAP program provides free home energy evaluations for low-income residential account holders and the installation of energy saving products and personalized energy efficiency advice, after qualifying. The three steps include:

A. Home energy evaluator visits for a free assessment

B. Energy saving products are installed

C. You are given advice and tips

2. Energy Saving Kit from BC Hydro

This free kit contains simple, easy-to-install energy saving products which make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Kits include thermometers bulbs, weather stripping, a shower head, instruction guide, and more!

For more information:

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