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Employment Insurance (EI) Sickness Benefits

  • Financial Assistance

This program provides temporary financial assistance to individuals who have worked the required number of insurable hours within the last 52 weeks and who are unable to work because of an illness or injury. The hours are based on where you live and the unemployment rate in your economic region when you apply.

You are eligible if:

  • You worked in insurable employment and have paid EI premiums; and
  • Have worked a minimum of the required number of insurable hours within the last 52 weeks, before claiming.

If you work while receiving sickness or maternity benefits, your earnings will be deducted dollar for dollar from your benefit amount

For more information:

Phone: 1-800-206-7218 (Toll-free) or 1-800-529-3742 (TTY)

Visit the website here

Disclaimer: The MS Society is an independent, voluntary health agency and does not approve, endorse or recommend any specific product or therapy but provides information to assist individuals in making their own decisions. For specific information and advice, please consult your personal physician. Read our full privacy policy.

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