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About Us

Government relations and advocacy activities are carried out by the MS Society staff and volunteers to support the mission of the MS Society. These activities seek to improve government policies, private industry practices and public attitudes. Government relations work in Saskatchewan takes place on a local, provincial and national level and is always non-partisan.

Who We Are

The committee is comprised of MS Society members from across the province as well as MS Society staff. The committee reports regularly to the Saskatchewan Division Board of Directors on matters requiring action. In addition, a representative sits on the MS Society's National Government Relations Committee. The members of the Committee are:

  • Eugene Paquin (Chair)
  • Brian Duck
  • Jackie Pilon
  • Dennis Patterson (Chair of Programs and Services)
  • Erin Kuan, President, MS Society, Saskatchewan Division
  • Jessica MacPherson, MS Society staff

Current Issues

Priority Areas in Saskatchewan include:

·Quality Health Care and Support

·Employment and Income Support


·Building research capacity in the province

·MS Research Advisory Panel

Want to take action?

The 2016 Saskatchewan Provincial Election will be held on April 4th and creates an opportunity for community members to take action and speak with candidates about issues that impact people with MS. The more we talk, the greater influence we have in shaping policy and programs. There is no better way to help you decide which candidate you will vote for than engaging with those running for office and asking how they intend to support people impacted by MS in Saskatchewan.

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide information about the priority issues the MS Society will be talking about during the election, resources for you to begin your discussions with candidates, and a guide for how to start taking action on MS now!

2016 Elections Toolkit

Suggested Letter to Candidates

Become an MS Ambassador

MS Ambassador

For more information on how to get involved, please contact:

Jessica MacPherson

Director, Government Relations and Research Support

150 Albert Street

Regina, SK S4R 2N2

(306)522-5600 ext. 5008

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