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About Us

Government relations and advocacy activities are carried out by the MS Society staff and volunteers to support the mission of the MS Society. These activities seek to improve government policies, private industry practices and public attitudes. Government relations work in Saskatchewan takes place on a local, provincial and national level and is always non-partisan.

Who We Are

The committee is comprised of volunteers from across the province as well as MS Society staff. The committee informs and shapes the government relations strategy and identifies key issues. They advocate to elected officials for improvements in identified areas. The members of the Government Relations Committee are:

  • Eugene Paquin (Chair)
  • Brian Duck
  • Jackie Pilon
  • Dennis Patterson (Chair of Programs and Services)
  • Ryan Wiebe
  • Lois Miller
  • Jessica MacPherson, MS Society staff

Current Issues

Priority Areas in Saskatchewan include:

  • Access to timely and appropriate health services and support
  • Building research capacity in the province
  • Adequate employment and income supports
  • Support for Caregivers

MS Society senior volunteers and staff were engaged in the development of the MS Advisory Panel Recommendations. Since the release of the report, the MS Society continues to actively press for all recommended improvements to be implemented.

For more information on Advocacy

Contact Jessica MacPherson at or 1-800-268-7582

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