This website features blogs, forums and inspirational stories of young people (15-35) who are affected by multiple sclerosis; either with a diagnosis of MS or a personal connection to MS.

The MS Society of Canada created this on-line community to give Canadian youth impacted by MS a place and space to be heard, to learn and to effect positive change in their communities. We believe that youth have much to offer by way of motivation, energy, and a fresh perspective and new ideas for how they would like to receive and give important information. This is a place:

  • where you can contribute to lively discussions and authentic conversations about the daily challenges that MS can present;
  • where you can get information to help yourself and help your friends.

Our goal is to be open and accessible, and to discuss issues and feelings freely, safely, and comfortably.

In this community you will find everyday heroes sharing their stories and coping tools to help you handle stress. There are also loads of resources at your fingertips.

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Looking for youth bloggers!

Come join us! is always looking for new bloggers; either with a diagnosis of MS or a personal connection to MS.

We are working to ensure that the site speaks to both groups of youth and are specifically looking for bloggers who have a personal connection to MS. Perhaps your parent, brother or sister, aunt or close friend lives with MS. Be part of a committed group of bloggers who will share their stories, their feelings, their highs and their lows, to help support others in the same situation. The commitment is as little as 1 blog post every 2 months!

Please contact for more information!

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