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A Guide for Caregivers (PDF: 935 KB)
This guide provides information on practical issues faced by caregivers. A resource list is included.

Caring for the Caregiver newsletter

Other MS Society Publications
Resource Library - MS Canada magazine, booklets, books and DVDs, learning events, websites related to MS

MS in Focus Magazine

MS in Focus
MS in Focus is a free magazine produced twice yearly by MSIF in English, Spanish and German. Issue 16 focuses on caregiving and MS.

The Caregiver Network tele-learning session

In partnership with the The Caregiver Network the MS Society of Canada offered a national tele-learning session that connected caregivers and families to information and support. Here is the presentation and biographies from this call for your information.

Caregiver Webinars

As health charities supporting individuals with neurological conditions, the Alzheimer Society, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, and Parkinson Society Canada have natural commonalities in the demographics they serve and support. A key commonality is the caregiver, who provides support to people living with these respective diseases. Recognizing that there are many topics which appeal to all caregivers in the broader disease community, our three organizations decided to partner to offer online education initiatives

The first of these initiatives took place on December 10th, 2015. Taking Care of Yourself through the Ups and Downs of Caregiving was a webinar event that provided an opportunity to learn about the various stages of caregiving, the emotional up’s and down’s that can come with each stage and tips for managing stress and staying well. The event featured Bonnie Schroeder and John Parkhurst. Bonnie is a registered social worker and an independent consultant who works with health and social service agencies who support seniors and their caregivers. John is the main caregiver for his wife Margot who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s over 25 years ago. Please click here to watch a live recording of this event.

The second webinar took place on May 26th, 2016. Learning How to Get the Help You Need: How Caregivers can Navigate the Health and Social Care System was a webinar event that provided an overview of how care partners can navigate different systems. The event featured Robert TerSteege, CIRS & Valerie Borggard, Navigator for the MS Society who shared different resources that care partners can use to support themselves and their loved ones living with chronic health conditions. Please click here to watch a live recording of this event.

Online Caregiver Resources