Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

MS Knowledge Network

The MS Knowledge Network is the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada’s hub of knowledge and navigators, providing consistent, quality MS information and support for anyone in Canada.

MS Navigators are available 9 to 5 to help you with information and support tailored to what you need. They listen carefully, identify needs and resources, and discuss information in terms that are clear and relevant for you. Navigators are knowledgeable about research and treatment options for people with MS and are able to discuss these and other important topics.The questions they help with range from general MS information and allied conditions to support with complex situations and navigating the maze of health and community services needed by people affected by multiple sclerosis.

Outside of the navigator service hours, or if you prefer finding information on your own, you can use our website to find reliable information & support 24/7.

There are many options for connecting with the MS Knowledge Network: